Welcome to Website of Overseas Scholars Service Center of Nanjing University

The website of Nanjing University Overseas Scholars Service Center (OSSC) was formally put to operation on June 16, 2020, as one of OSSC’s major construction items in response to the university’s call for overall “Double First-Class” construction.

The opening of the website was part of the university’s effort to develop international cooperation and to improve its service to non-Chinese international teachers the university is trying to recruit in large numbers.

The website is developed jointly by the university’s Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges and Information Technology Service Center to provide different groups of people with timely, comprehensive and targeted information.

With consideration of different needs of international scholars and faculties at home, the website offers customized information services in Chinese and English. From the English web pages, international visitors can, according to their travel plan, acquaint themselves with details and processes of such different procedures as applying for visa and for lodging, purchasing health insurance and carrying out tax declaration.

To get quickly adapted to life and work at Nanjing University, they can also easily find on the website the information and services they might need during their stay at the university.

The Chinese pages are designed mainly for schools and departments. In addition to the general introduction to various procedures, the Chinese version also includes service processes and frequent Q&As that may concern the faculty and help them to learn about the university’s policies and processes in a convenient and prompt way. By clarifying the responsibilities of each service, schools and departments can effectively assist overseas scholars in their work or visit at the university.

It is learned that the construction of the university’s OSSC website started in July 2019 and currently it has integrated 15 major functions related to international affairs, personnel, finance, housing, and information, which can be further divided into 45 operational procedures with a total of 57 forms available.

With these functions and procedures, this is an integrated online management platform including categorized onboarding guides, service lists, a multi-functional service website, a collaborative work mechanism, a digital management system and a series of supporting service items.

OSSC’s completion marks a new achievement in the center’s construction and optimization. It will also be well connected with the overseas scholars’ one-stop service system and be supportive of interaction so as to create an overseas scholars service hall offering “guidance plus transaction” in a more informative, automatic and natural way to facilitate the work of colleges to recruit talented personnel overseas.

Visit Website of Overseas Scholars Service Center of Nanjing University.

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