Sports Competitions

Nanjing University currently has four high-level sports teams for men’s and women’s athletics, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball and men’s football, and 16 ordinary student teams for men’s and women’s basketball, men’s volleyball, women’s football, table-tennis, badminton and tennis. With the high-level sports teams, the athletics teams and women’s volleyball team have won the first or second place several times in national college student competitions. The women’s athletics team won the team championship for 19 consecutive years in both Jiangsu College Students' Track and Field Competition and Nanjing College Students' Track and Field Competition. For ordinary student teams, the table-tennis team, badminton team, tennis team, aerobics team, taekwondo team, swimming team and Wushu team have won championship many times in college student competitions in Jiangsu Province.

International students with fine physical constitution and high skills level can join the team training. International students can attend the dragon boat race on behalf of Nanjing University. Dragon boat sport is now a popular sport and the well-known races are as follows:

1. National C9 University Dragon Boat Race. Nanjing University was one of the organizers of the second C9 race held in 2015 in Xin’an River in Jiande.

2. Shanghai International Dragon Boat Race. The race has attracted many world famous universities.

3. College Students Dragon Boat Race in Jiangsu Province. The race is held three times each year and the performance at the three times adds up to a school’s total score of the year.

In addition, our school team took part in the 2016 “Dragon Soaring in 100 Lakes” Daqing Saertu World Famous Universities Dragon Boat Race Gala and achieved good results.

NJU Team Does Well in Dragon Boat Race

NJU’s dragon boat team won the fifth place in the 200-meter straight sprint at the 2016 “Dragon Soaring in 100 Lakes” Daqing Saertu World Famous Universities Dragon Boat Race Gala.

The competition was held at Liming Lake, Saertu District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, from June 16 to 20. Twenty-four universities sent their teams for this race, including Harvard University (USA), Stanford University (USA), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Far Eastern Federal University (Russia), Peking University (China), Nanjing University (China), Fudan University (China), University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China), University of Macau (Macau, China) and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan, China).

Liming Lake in Saertu District had stormy waves and a low water level, and the boat rowers said that these conditions made it difficult to raise the speed.

The NJU team, however, had a good performance under the leadership of their coach Mr. Xiao Peng. Dragon boat race has been listed as a national sports event since 1980 and has developed into a modern competitive sports event in recent years.

Nanjing University’s dragon boat team was organized in December 2013, and its members are all ordinary students, who can only have their training on weekends and holidays.

These students, however, have gained rich experience through internal training, sports competitions and mass sports activities and achieved good results in many races.


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